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Writer: Dragan Trogrlić – Corresponding author

Family business “DREN” Ltd, Žepče, Bosnia and Herzegovina

tel. 00387-(0)61-461-517

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Herbal preparations for brain tumors can only be ordered from the company „DREN„ Ltd and the only person authorized for the distribution of the preparations is the correspodent author Dragan Trogrlić


     The herbal remedies of the „Dren“ Ltd company from Žepče ( B&H) are available from 2018 to all of those suffering from high - grade glioma ( glioblastoma, anaplastic astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma grade 3 ... ). This has been decided after a study coming from this company was published by a prestigious British journal ,, World Journal of Surgical Oncology ,, under the name „Treatment of glioblastoma with herbal medicines“. This is, according to our knowledge, the first time that a Western medical Journal publishes the results of a research based on phytotherapy. The fact itself that reviewers and the editorial board of the Journal accepted the term treatment to be part of the title of this research, clearly indicates the strength of the proves emerging in this study. Within this study, MRI and/or CT scans are visible and they show examples of a successful treatment of glioblastoma with herbal remedies, which can be seen by clicking the following link: PMC5809810

     In the year 2020 another research on successful treatment of glioblastoma with the herbal remedies of the company "DREN" was published. This time the shown results are from patients who suffer from multiple glioblastoma, in other words a tumor which appears on several locations in the brain at the time of diagnosis ,,Treatment of Multiple Glioblastoma with Herbal Medicines ,,.The author is Dragan Trogrlic, and you can find the research on the following site:http://www.currentneurobiology.org/neurobiology/treatment-of-multiple-glioblastoma-with-herbal-medicines.pdf


 About the herbal remedies

      The best option would be to start using the herbal remedies right away just after the diagnose has been established. The herbal remedies can be used before the beginning of oncological treatment or along with it. The patients are welcome to use our herbs even after the standard medical treatment has been completed, but, we repeat once again, the best option would be to use our herbs as soon as possible.

When the patients are willing to apply for phytotherapy, they need to send us the complete medical documentation/data by e-mail or post, precisely, the complete medical check-up before phytotherapy use is required. This documentation should include the discharge summary, pathohistology (pH) test as the basis for diagnosis establishment, interpretation of brain scan ( MRI/CT), and if it is possible, the copies of the scans stored in a CD. If the patient owns a larger set of scans, he/she would be very welcome to send all of those as well. The patients are also kindly asked to deliver us all the results of the medical examinations that have been performed during the use of phytotherapy. These particular data is crucial for us to follow the results and the progress of the phytotherapy so we could, if needed, change the ingredients of the herbal remedies. If the medical data has not been released or the patient is not in possession of it, it would be necessary to send us an e-mail which contains the biggest possible amount of informations about the patient.                                       


It is possible to cure the tumour even after recidive appearance. A good example of this success is a case report of a patient from our study/research ( PMC5809810 ) in which a recidive of a 45 mm in diameter showed up after glioblastoma surgery, and its growth has been stopped by herbal remedies usage only after just 3 months, and later on, a tumour regression followed up.

Most oftenly the package of herbal remedies consists of 5 preparations that are supposed to be used at the right intervals of time and each of them should be used once per day. One set of these preparations is supposed to be enough for about one month of usage.

The duration of phytotherapy depends on numerous factors that are monitored during the treatment. From experience we know that, patients in which the visible part of the tumour has been entirely removed, should be using the herbal remedies with no breaks for at least 18 months. In those whom the tumour has not been entirely removed during surgery, also in whom the tumour came back ( recidive ) after surgery, should be using the herbal remedies for as long as visible clinical and radiological signs of toumour are present. It is important to mention that the herbal remedies ingredients and their number may vary which all depends about the medical examinations results given to the patient during the treatment.

Here you can learn more about the instructions of usage and preparation of our herbal remedies:

You can receive the herbal remedies from us directly in person, or they can be sent to you by post. 


Testimonials of successful treatment of glioblastoma with phytotherapy: